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My Time With Patch Adams

Learn about my time with the real Patch Adams, studying at the Gesundheit! Institute, and how becoming a humanitarian clown has changed my life, boosted my happiness, and made me a better mental health professional.

Handgun and  Ammunition


Moving on after witnessing a mass shooting

In 2015 I was present for a mass shooting that left 8 dead and roughly 20 injured. The resulting trauma had lasting effects that derailed my life, affected my education, and ruined my relationships. Learn about my journey to recovery, and leave with an understanding that everyone is fighting a battle, even if you can't see it.



From grad student to prisoner. The effects of profiling from a corrupt justice system.

It has taken me years to get to a place where I can open up about my experience in Waco. I recall my time in jail, how I used humor to keep my sanity, and how almost three years later, Waco continues to haunt me to no avail. In a town where the judge and DA are former law partners, a grand jury headed by a Waco detective indicted over 100 people without individual review, and a DA who has and remains under investigation by the FBI for corruption, it is no surprise they were able to arrest 177 people based on their clothing, and slap them with identical charges. Not to mention that since those affected are bikers, the ACLU is nowhere to be found.

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