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Patrick Harris, PhD, LPC

Thanks for visiting! This is where you’ll find my professional experience, my interests and education.   I created this site to showcase the my eclectic skillset in hopes I can be of service to you one day


I have spent my entire adult life reading, studying, and dressing professionally to establish myself as a capable and well-rounded mental health professional and educator. I wanted to use my academic background to help people solve their problems and move on with their regularly scheduled lives. It never dawned on me that there was more to mental health than avoiding suffering, until I met and trained under my hero, Dr. Patch Adams.
Ever since my time at the Gesundheit! Institute, it has been my mission to teach everyone that will listen that mental health is not just deep breathing and lavender essential oils, but finding what makes you happy and spreading that joy no matter what the circumstances. My theoretical orientation of humor therapy is not only evidenced based, but is also an empirically supported intervention used to treat a variety of ailments such as depression, PTSD, and even chronic pain. It is with this philosophy that I guide my approach to teaching professional team building, conflict resolution, healthy communication, and more.



I am an established psychotherapist, professor, public speaker, and published researcher based in Austin, Texas. My work is focused on improving my community and the lives of those who live in it. I’m happy to apply the experience and skills I’ve obtained in my career and education to help others learn of the healing power of laughter, the importance of mental health, and finding balance in life. I possess a strong eye for detail and can thrive independently as well as in a team environment.

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When I set out to create my first website, every possible combination of my name was already taken. So to avoid hitching my wagon to a tacky domain name like, I thought long and hard about a name that is unique, captures the spirit of my mission, and could also serve as my business name. After days of painstaking contemplation, I came up with Two Laughing Chairs. The name calls to mind the best memories I have as a mental health professional which all boil down to two people in chairs, laughing their way to mental wellbeing and building connection. It perfectly describes my foundation in humor therapy, and elicits a pleasant image of therapist and client building trust and rapport by sharing a laugh. It was also a nice little surprise that Two Laughing Chairs also abbreviates to 'TLC,' allowing me to use the phrase "all we need is more TLC."

"Our job is improving quality of life, not just delaying death"

Dr. Hunter "Patch" Adams

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